Best Sustainable Restaurants In London Revealed

More and more diners are becoming concerned about the sustainability of the restaurants they eat at, wanting to know how their food has been sourced, what materials have been used in the running of the eatery, and what steps have been taken to offset their carbon footprint.

Well, those living in the capital might want to give the following restaurants a go, as London X London rated them the best sustainable food establishments in the city.

First head to Native in Mayfair, which celebrates foraging and foods found in the wild. The ever-changing menu may include the likes of wild-farmed focaccia, fallow deer, hand-dived scallop, wild mushroom ragout, Sussex halloumi, smoked ham hock croquettes, and Cabrito goat ragu.

The website also recommends chain Hawksmoor, which has become the world’s first carbon neutral steakhouse chain.

“They ensure all their meat is reasonably sourced and have made continued commitments to regenerative farming (that’s a big one, btw),” the website explained.

Also on its list is Silo in Hackney Wick, which became the first zero-waste restaurant in the capital in 2014.

Everything served here is made on site, including the butter, oat milk, and flour, which it produces in its own flour mill.

It also only trades with local farmers, so you can be certain everything is sustainable and ethically-sourced.

Celebrating its ‘pre-industrial food system’, it offers a menu that comprises the likes of pumpkin, smoked ricotta, and wet walnut; king oyster mushroom, allium, koji porridge; and Hollis Mead milk ice-cream, sunburst apple, black almond frangipane.


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November 16, 2022 — Jacob Blakey