What Are New York’s Best Hotels In 2022?

Some hotel chains always have a glamorous name and can be seen in major cities across the world, where names like Ritz, Waldorf or Hilton are synonymous with quality, style and luxury, not to mention some very fine dining indeed.

However, the world never stands still and there will always be challenges for these titles, not least in times of upheaval. After all, the hospitality sector in many countries was shaken by Covid and the restrictions it brought, while international travel was disrupted. 

Of course, rating the ‘best’ is always an inexact science; there will always be dissenters from any judgement. But it’s fascinating to see what the critics and public think, especially those who won’t be wooed simply by a prestigious name. 

Many British people love to visit the Big Apple, so the London-based Daily Telegraph is as good a place as any to start. Its expert gives no fewer than 19 hotels 9/10, but none 10/10. 

The Ritz-Carlton, which overlooks Central Park misses out, whereas the 1 Hotel Central Park is included. The Waldorf Astoria also misses this highest rating. A famous venue included is the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Whatever one’s views on the former president, the hotel is excellent.

Of course, even an expert’s opinion is that of just one person. Tripadvisor gives a different perspective as travellers give their verdicts, although this is limited by the fact that many visitors will not have tried multiple NYC hotels.

Perhaps that is why none of the top 20 ranked by Tripadvisor reviews are on the Telegraph list, although some chains manage crossover; for instance Tripadvisor recommends the Arlo Midtown, the Telegraph the Arlo Nomad, while Hyatt Grand Central gets the Tripadvisor vote and the Park Hyatt is the newspaper’s tip. There’s still no Ritz or Astoria on the Tripadvisor list, however.

While some chains get multiple mentions, the fact many big names are left out just goes to show reputations count for little when it comes to the judgements of those who have experienced stays. Whether in the kitchen or the bedroom, every hotel needs to work hard to stay on top of their game.

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September 05, 2022 — Jacob Blakey