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There are many different ways the food service industry can be more sustainable and restaurants all over the world are trying different ways to be increasingly more eco-conscious to reduce their environmental impact.

By adopting more sustainable practices, restaurants are able to lower their negative impact on the environment and reassure customers that they are an eco-friendly, environmentally aware establishment which not only cares about customer satisfaction but about the health of our planet as well.

One key way in which restaurants can reduce their impact on the planet is to focus on using locally sourced, organic ingredients. This helps to reduce their carbon footprint as it removes the need to import and transport goods to serve.

It also helps to promote support of the local company and helps small businesses to thrive. By serving locally sourced, organic produce and other ingredients a restaurant can be more authentic to its location as well as saving the planet.

This can also help to reduce food waste, which is also a great way to improve sustainability. By sourcing locally, there is more control over the amount of ingredients bought as they do not have to be ordered as far in advance.

Shelf life is also improved as long transportation times no longer have to be taken into consideration. This is less wasteful and also provides customers with fresher, better food.

There are also great ways to further support the local community. Donating unused food items is a fantastic way to give back to the area as well as shine a positive light on the business. Engaging positively with the local community will have a fantastic impact on the popularity of a restaurant.

Supporting local businesses, giving back to the community and collaborating with local organisations to achieve a more sustainable area helps to encourage others in the community to do the same which can be more impactful than an individual business doing so.

Aside from the food served, there are many other ways to promote sustainability. Removing single-use items is a great way to reduce overall waste. This includes plastic straws, cups and cutlery.

By providing customers with recyclable alternatives, such as paper straws instead of plastic, or choosing to use utensils and crockery which can be washed and reused, less waste is produced which minimises the negative effects of waste disposal.

This also minimises the negative effects of producing these items. This therefore not only helps the industry to be more sustainable but promotes sustainability at the source and can influence other industries to do the same.

Using more energy-efficient equipment both in dining areas and the kitchen is another great way to be more suitable. Using energy-efficient lighting systems, options for alternative fuel sources such as biogas and reducing water usage all have a positive impact.

These changes can be implemented across staff and customer areas meaning an entire business can become far more sustainable with a few minor changes.


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May 31, 2023 — Jake Blakey