London’s Most Sustainable Restaurants

Anyone visiting London in England will no doubt want to try the city’s wide culinary scene, one that has gotten more diverse over time and now features styles and ingredients from all over the world. Even if some people still like to try local ‘delicacies’ such as pie and mash.

However, some will wonder how restaurants can manage to keep things sustainable. After all, if the ingredients are imported a long distance, that means a lot of food miles with all the carbon footprint implications that brings.

There are, however, many restaurants in London that will go the extra mile to be as ethical as possible. For instance, LiveFrankly has produced a list of establishments that offer great food with a clear conscience.

Among those in central London are Spring, based in Somerset House in the West End, and the Soho establishments Bonnie Gull and Blackhouse.  The former is very big on seasonal produce, which is by definition domestically sourced. Similarly, Bonnie Gull is all about British seafood and Blackhouse grills meat raised from domestic herds.

If you want pub food, head to Islington in north London, as the Duke of Cambridge is the first and so far only certified organic pub in the whole capital.

Foodism has produced its own guide to the ’16 best sustainable restaurants in London’, with Spring and the Duke of Cambridge also making its list.

Of course, these lists are not exhaustive. The reviewers and researchers won’t have quite got round to eating at all the places that set out to do the right thing, although it can’t be much of a hardship munching their way around the city.

As well as issues of food miles, other matters to look out for are the raising of animals in good welfare conditions, fair trade prices paid for those things that do have to be imported, the use of organic ingredients and the absence of plastic cutlery.

The good news is that for those who like to reward establishments that make sustainability a central part of their mission, there are plenty of great places to go.


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February 25, 2022 — Jacob Blakey