The Importance Of Sustainability In Fashion

Sustainability in fashion is becoming increasingly important. The fashion industry, specifically fast fashion, is renowned for being detrimental to the environment so promoting sustainability within the industry is vital in reducing the negative impacts on the planet.

It may not seem like the clothes you wear on a daily basis, from your pyjamas to your t-shirts, are bad for the environment, but fast fashion is known for burning through natural resources, using incredible amounts of energy as well as producing tonnes of waste every single year.

By choosing to shop more sustainably, you are removing the demand for fast fashion and forcing the industry to correct its negative practices. There are many ways to shop sustainable and each one of them helps to reduce the carbon footprint of fashion.

One way to shop more sustainably is to buy from a brand that promotes eco-conscious methods of production and produces durable, long-lasting articles. These are usually much higher quality than typical fast fashion buys and will last you a long time.

They are also typically produced on a much smaller scale. Lower production results in lower emissions and less waste and also ensures much higher quality pieces.

This ensures the clothing you buy will last you a very long time, reducing the amount of excess clothing that ends up discarded.

Another key issue with the fashion industry is its social impact. Many fast fashion brands use warehouses in countries where labour laws are more lax and the pay rate is extremely low, meaning workers are treated unfairly.

By sourcing clothing from brands that promote ethical, safe working conditions and treat their staff fairly as well as paying them a fair wage holds others in the fast fashion industry accountable and pushes them to take social responsibility for their workers.


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May 02, 2023 — Jake Blakey