NYC resturant - hospitality uniforms

If you run a New York restaurant and are wondering whether or not now is the ideal time to invest in some new hospitality uniforms, the answer is a pretty emphatic yes.

The reason is that NYC Restaurant Week is nearly upon us and, despite its name, it actually runs for nearly a month, starting on July 24th and continuing to August 20th.

Unless you are new to running a New York restaurant or a citizen who is new to the city itself, you will likely be familiar with the concept of this event. It is a bi-annual festival of fine dining with a winter and summer edition, when participating establishments offer meals at set prices.

These are $30 for lunch, $45 for dinner, $30 for a Sunday lunch or brunch and $45 for a Sunday dinner, with some extra savings available for anyone paying with MasterCard. Some places will also do a lunch and dinner combination for $60 (tax, tips and drinks not included in these prices). Lunches are two courses and dinners are three courses.

It is not just about making food affordable but giving people a wonderful opportunity to discover parts of the New York food scene they might not be familiar with.

There will certainly be no lack of choice out there, as the range includes American, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Greek, French and many more. In the winter 2023 edition in February there were 490 participating restaurants and this summer there will be 518.

Diners could try Japanese sushi dishes at Ootoya Greenwich Village, Mediterranean food at Dagon on the Upper West Side, a steakhouse meal at Quality Eats on the Upper East Side, Mexican at La Loteria in West Village, or traditional American food at NoMo Kitchen in Soho.

These are just some of the places that will be promoting themselves, as well as flagging up New York as a great venue for diners. If your establishment isn’t involved this time, it may be a good idea to sign up for 2024.

July 26, 2023 — Jake Blakey