What Your Apron Says About You

Aprons are a staple in any kitchen and, home cook or professional, you'll likely have one hanging up ready to catch any drips and spills. But did you know that the way you wear your apron can give an insight into who you are and what you do? 

Different aprons are used for different reasons and while the style of your apron may not affect how effective it is in keeping your clothing clean, it can help to show off your personality. 

If you have a brightly coloured or fun patterned apron, you are most likely a home cook who loves to show off their skills to friends and family. Your apron has seen all manner of splatter from cake batter to pasta sauce and it is your most trusted companion when you cook for your loved ones. 

A plain black server’s apron indicates that you are, most likely, a server! But the way you wear it can show a lot about your work style.

If you wear it tied around the back at a standard length you're probably a sticker for the rules, love to keep your uniform clean and tidy and your apron is likely like a second skin to you. 

Folding your apron down and wearing it around your waist shows that you mean business. Your apron is there to do a job but it won’t hinder you from doing yours, so it’s kept out of the way to allow you to move around and deliver food to your tables as nimbly as possible. 

A leather apron means you're either super trendy or in the kitchen. These are excellent at protecting you against heat and potentially dangerous sharp objects, which makes them an excellent choice for those wanting to be protected in the kitchen. 

April 20, 2023 — Jacob Blakey